Calgary Get Your Hearts On Gala 2014

This one night call-to-action challenges the typical fundraising formula. Taking place in the stimulating setting of The Art Gallery of Calgary, the event features a dynamic blend of class, entertainment, and upbeat engagement. Participants and sponsors alike have a great opportunity to support the community in a way that’s effective and memorable.  This Valentines Day weekend come out and enjoy the night with us, while showing that you care for more than just that special someone.  


100% of money raised goes directly to families in need. The SFHMF board of directors (all volunteers) and all other participants coordinating the event are not collecting payment for their efforts. Their time is donated to make every dollar count! All proceeds raised go directly to support local families in Calgary and Alberta.  Please feel free to read our stories and see how your helping us to help families.


We believe in the power of children and young families to make our communities stronger when they have the chance. The gala is brought to life by a collection of spirited Calgarians: young entrepreneurs, event and entertainment coordinators, and marketing specialists. Their vision of an outstanding community is made possible thanks to your generous support.



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YYC Gala Sponsors

We would like to thank all our sponsors, as well as all those who have donated to the chairty and the 2014 YYC Gala through their gifts for the silent auctions and generous donations. We would also like to thank all our volunteers in helping to make the YYC Gala of 2014 a fun and successful event.


YYC Get Your Heats On Sponsors